Beat the Bank Mortgage Rate Barrie – Like A Pro

You are searching for the best darn – lowest rate mortgage available and don’t care if you have to get every bank to beat each other to death with a club to achieve it. Good – that’s right good. Welcome to the minority of Canadian mortgage holders who actually force the banks to compete for your business. Here is a toast to you and how you can beat the pants off the bank’s mortgage rate.

Hire A Bank Mortgage Hunter

You are great at what you do. I would never want to come into your cubicle/shop/studio and advise you as to how to perform your area of expertise. Now why would you approach a mortgage contract negotiation with the skill set of a baker? Unless you threaten to literally bake the competition – I don’t believe you will get very far with this approach. Enlisting the expertise of a professional who is in the financial markets daily and only represents you in an unbiased way is the strategic method to getting the best mortgage. Understanding that a licensed Mortgage Broker is paid by the lender (oac) you choose in the end makes this a no-brainer decision. Now you have – a no-nonsense ‘pitbull’ mortgage hunting expert who will tear the banks apart – in your corner.

Leverage The Competition – Watch This!

Now working with your Barrie Mortgage Broker – we will put together your best mortgage application. As I legally represent you in the mortgage transaction – I will leverage every advantage/promotion/discount to get you the best deal that fits your borrowing criteria. Then we put your business out to tender and watch a good old fight to the death begin. In true gladiator style – there is a lot of show and intimidation however this is a seasoned ‘pitbull’ of the financial arena and not one to take no for an answer. After the initial negotiations are completed – I use the art of leveraging one bank’s mortgage product against another for your benefit. It would bring a tear to your eye to watch how percentages are shaved and mortgage terms are made more flexible for a hardened pro.

Hail The Victorious Consumer

So who is the winner in this battle – you – the savvy consumer who understands the long term benefit to your family and your retirement plan. Every bit of ground won in the mortgage negotiation will save you thousands of dollars down the road in interest and the compound effect it has against you. As a Barrie mortgage holder – you want to have those dollars available to you for the lifestyle living by the lake affords and extra for a rainy day. This is all possible when you don’t settle for what is presented to you when you sit down with your bank representative.

Here is brass tax then when it comes to beating the bank’s mortgage rate Barrie. Hire only the best the mortgage business has to offer – leverage the competition and watch them fall over each other to get your business – then hoist the flag of victory as you walk into the future as a winner in the game of life and someone who puts their mortgage to bed in quick fashion. I encourage you to reach out to me with your inquiries below which will be addressed promptly.