Breathing Again – Debt Consolidation Loan In Barrie Ontario

It can be argued back and forth about what the best feeling is in the world. A common favorite though is  – relief. The dictionary defines relief as – a pleasant and relaxed feeling that someone has when something unpleasant stops. This is also a very common feeling for my clients when we successfully restructure their expensive and inefficient debts into one new and beneficial loan. Here is why a surprising amount of Barrie residents are breathing easy again.

Bad Debt And Worse Advice

I will be the first to admit that the deck is stacked against you as a consumer. The credit card companies and those intermediaries who make taking on more bad debt so easy are now lurking at every corner. Borrow $300 for $10! Don’t pay today, next week, or till your next doctor’s office physical appointment! Some companies are now going so far as to add amortization schedules (normally reserved for large debts like mortgages) for household items and cars! Worse still are the forces that be who keep interest rates suppressed at artificially low levels to try to stimulate the economy by encouraging you the consumer to borrower more…and more! Where does it end? Once the slippery slope has been taken – it is a very real threat to your financial health and getting advice from debt settlement companies or bankruptcy trustees usually get you further behind than ahead.

What Is The Answer For Barrie Residents?

The first step in any improved situation is to take stock of where we are today. This can be an incredibly difficult action for us as our pride gets in the way and sometimes short term pleasure from bad spending behaviour outweighs the long term benefits of changing habits. For those who work with a reputable Barrie Mortgage Brokerage – there will be no financial obligation to complete a comprehensive assessment of where their finances stand today. My prerogative is to provide you with quick and concise feedback on what is causing the most trouble and then we will look at the potential avenues for remedying the negative aspect of your financial picture. In many cases – a simple debt consolidation loan is very effective in providing multiple areas of positive change.

Positive Change Is Possible

For so many Barrie residents – the worst lie you have been led to believe is that there isn’t a better option available out there beyond the bank’s door. This is so far from the truth that often when my clients come to the aha moment for themselves that it gets pretty emotional. Feeling like a second class citizen by your financial institution is so common now that it is a great relief when proved otherwise. After the tears are over and we get down to the numbers – it becomes quite the exciting process of explaining what happens next.

For most of us with bad and inefficient debt – over time your credit has taken a major bruising. This has caused a negative feedback loop where your loan options become worse and more costly. This in effect eats into your monthly income and then when an emergency comes up there is nothing available to get over the hump.

For my typical client – a simple debt consolidation provides anywhere from $500 – 1,500 in monthly cashflow relief. What also happens is we pay off the bad debts that were causing your credit score to continue in a negative direction. If there is an attitude of true change in the spending habits of the prospective client going forward then we have a silver bullet solution and a short time from being back in control of your financial picture.

If you are tired of feeling the unpleasantness of bad debt, worse advice, and are looking for that sweet sense of relief – contact me now in the box below and let’s figure out how to get you breathing easy again!