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When the bank has failed and your broker can’t get the job done…you need a Private Mortgage Loan. At this point you’d be willing to send the kids to a work camp for the summer (perish the thought) if that money would just appear…like yesterday! Here are three important things to know about getting the
There’s a new kid in town and he’s kicking butts and takin’ names. The Interest Only Flex Mortgage! This one has investor’s and rental property holder’s names written all over it! Here are the details: Why Would Anyone Want Interest Only? Institutional interest only mortgages are a great fit for those with a larger scope
There are times when taking your borrowing needs to the big banks is advantageous. When it comes to the surprising amount of Canadians who are not qualifying for their mortgages with the banks – using a local service provider can be the difference between a great interest rate and the contract from hell! Here’s why…
There are a surprising amount of Toronto residents who are feeling the pain of the 2017 spring market frenzy. Those who feel they overpaid for a property are looking for options when their home appraises for less. Here is how to renegotiate your agreement and save your new home. Toronto Buyer Looking To Renegotiate To
Li Wei (John) and Wang Fang (Grace) held their heads high as they entered our meeting to discuss their situation. See they were living the Canadian dream (or the one they saw other Chinese immigrants enjoying). New imported cars, an expansive palatial spread in Markham’s Rouge River Estates neighborhood and private school for their young
Did you know that the average cost of going through a bank sale to the homeowner is 55K? That is a year’s wages for the average Canadian…before taxes! Losing your home to the bank is a scary proposition. Here is how we can avert disaster and get your home back from them. The Bank Called…They
So this is not going to be your typical post! No I am going to give you some of the inside scoop into what happens behind the wizard’s curtain in the mortgage business. The competition won’t like it because your ignorance is their financial benefit. Read on to save money on your Toronto Private Mortgage
The home is damaged, the hours cut back, the money ran out way before the month…for whatever reason you need to borrow money! The problem is that generally speaking when you need money the bank says NO! What happens in these situations can be truly discouraging if you don’t know what to do next. Well
Would you be surprised to learn that a private mortgage can be a great benefit to a mortgage borrower? I am not even just talking about the monthly improvement in cashflow from consolidating higher interest debts. There are powerful reasons to consider the role of a private mortgage as a tool in your borrowing options.
What is every Canadian family’s dream? To pay off their mortgage and be debt free. Unfortunately the trends are flying in the face of this logic as more and more Canadians are accessing their equity in retirement through reverse mortgages. For better or worse, this mortgage product is here to stay and needs to be
Woah! That’s what a surprising amount of Barrie residents are saying when they hear from the bank that the mortgage for their home purchase is in jeopardy! Another common scenario is when you applied for a loan and get the decline – total shock! You were always able to get it in the past. What
It almost seems these days that the options for borrowing money are endless. Everyone from your local bank to the pawn shop on the corner is offering you money at all kinds of different interest rates and repayment terms. Is it any wonder then that a surprising amount of Barrie residents are confused when they
So you have been turned down from the bank for your mortgage. Ouch! And what is worse is you don’t even know why. For a surprising amount of Canadians it comes down to the new mortgage rules. Government restrictions are preventing you from getting your home. This is a problem but not one we can’t
Looking into getting a great loan but your bank turned you away? This is not an uncommon occurrence these days. A very surprising amount of my clients are getting the cold shoulder from their usual places of borrowing money. This is due to a combination of new financial rules,  bank mortgage contract changes, and to
I get many a call lately from people who were turned down by their bank. The call goes something like this. What kind of interest rate can I get for a private loan in Barrie? This is a great question however it is not easily answered without a number of other questions being answered first.
There are few things in life that create stress like financial pressures! Sleep is elusive, relationships strained, it is enough to cause you physical ailments. We all appreciate the people in our lives who assist us with getting clarity around our most important areas of life. As part of a great Ontario Mortgage Brokerage I
When was the last time your bank did something quickly for you? I know – you are scratching your head right now. The temptation is to either wait out the endless drag before they let you down by declining your loan application. Or worse – the time it takes causes your situation to worsen and
It can be argued back and forth about what the best feeling is in the world. A common favorite though is  – relief. The dictionary defines relief as – a pleasant and relaxed feeling that someone has when something unpleasant stops. This is also a very common feeling for my clients when we successfully restructure
If only life could be like the movies of our youth. Mom and Dad never fight and the conversations around the dinner table are about weekend plans instead of unpaid bills. Alas reality can be far from rosy. The details of your dinner time conversations are your own however they can be improved in short
When you need a significant amount of money in a pinch – what do you do? The bank somehow can smell your need and kindly shows you the door. Your pride is not going to allow asking family or friends for help because you can do this. So what are the options? Barrie Private Loan
So you just finished flipping through that dream home magazine at the doctors office. The idea of refreshing your kitchen or bathroom is exciting however who has an extra 15-30K to make the dream a reality? Recent statistics have shown that Canadians have been conservative in paying down their mortgages and are more and more
They say the devil is in the details! Well I don’t want that character anywhere in the mortgage loans that I arrange. This is not the case with a surprising amount of the private lending contracts I have given a second opinion on. Unscrupulous lenders and greedy middlemen add verbiage that should make a forked
Ever wonder what happened to your friend who lost his job? How about the neighbor down the road who lost their spouse to cancer? Life keeps going after these tough circumstances. In picking up the pieces there are times when you need money now – not next week and the options are few at times.
We tend to think small when we consider our own personal financial problems. What I mean is that we consider the small and confined pre-determined options that the banks have made popular as our only potential solutions. Funny when the information age has presented all sorts of new methods to solve financial problems. Online crowdfunding
Parents will do anything for their kids. I know this personally as well as with my experience in assisting many Barrie family’s situations. One item that has been recurring quite regularly lately is the situation where a child gets a last minute acceptance (or responds to an acceptance) to post secondary education and the options
I know, I know – interest only loans are dangerous to the Canadian public. Or so we have been led to believe by the government and mainstream media and there are concerns that are legitimate. However would you be surprised to learn that there are many cases where a short term interest only loan was
Now a great story always consists of a character we can identify with – a villain or overwhelming problem – and a climactic victory over the bad guy or resolution to said problem. It is no different in the day to day world of Barrie residents. I meet hundreds of families who through often no
We live in a world where borrowing results are hard to find through traditional channels. Banks cause delays through multi-layered department bureaucracy that leaves you with a decline to your loan after weeks of waiting. There is an alternative and here at Mortgage Truth we are your answer when you need a quick private money
Sometimes not getting a timely liquid injection into your business is ultimately the biggest financial mistake a traditional business can make. The cost of delaying investment in talent, infrastructure, or missed seasonal sales can mean the difference in being in business this time next year or not. So was the case with ‘Arthur’ – a
Life threw you a curve ball and you struck out! Now what? Do you lay down and let the bank take your home? Allow the bankruptcy trustee to guilt you into a consumer proposal? NO! The way to stave off financial ruin is to get an emergency mortgage and get your life back on track!
It’s a different day than the one our parents grew up in. Back then their loan or mortgage was provided based on a good job and the relationship with their local bank. Not any more. Today we are subject to a process where our use of credit is weighed in quite heavily toward the interest
Your credit sucks with a capital S! There are no ifs, ands, or buts on this point. Life has kicked you around and left you with bruises of the credit kind and it hurts. All of a sudden you seem to hear radio ads galore tempting with an easy out – a “quick” and “easy”
Canadians are very comfortable carrying consumer debt. So much so that recently we set new highs. But what happens when that bump in the road comes along and we start being unable to make those minimum payments? Considering consolidation should not be a last resort as the media has shamed us into thinking. Here are
We all hate debt! But the fact of the matter is that Canadians are more indebted than ever in our history. So we all know that the debt problem isn’t going away any time soon. The real question is what am I going to do about it? We have been overwhelmed with advertisements for mortgages
We all want to be experts when it comes to striking out into that dusty area of our office and renegotiating the mortgage contract. The truth is there is so much to know! Even as a full time professional in the industry 24/7 – I am always working hard in keeping up with the pace
The world of mortgages has never been more complicated as it is today. New rules, collateral charges, and information overload via the internet has made things ever more difficult for the layman. As much as the age of access to information has empowered us to a new level – there has also never been more
So you are one of the bright few Canadians who are looking to take control of your retirement and not leave it in the hands of a fund manager or your bank. The alternatives look appealing however you need to have a lot of questions answered before making a foray into anything new. You are
The US financial crisis has given the term “Subprime” a bad name. The truth of the matter is that this is an institutional loan for those who don’t qualify for the bank’s best mortgage products. This covers everyone from self employed business owners who don’t desire to disclose all of their intimate details – to
So there was a bump in the road of life and you are left with a personal financial crisis to solve. The job or lack there of has left you in a pinch and your bills keep calling out to you at 3am. You are not alone in wondering what to do. A surprising amount
As the financial world turns some major changes in the awareness of Canadian’s registered retirement funds is awakening. No longer are large global mutual fund companies and the big banks word accepted as gospel truth. Too many chinks in the armor have appeared. With ongoing outlandish risks being taken with your RSP – is it
I get a lot of phone calls these days. They go something like this: “What is your best interest rate for a five year fixed mortgage?” Sounds like a valid question. And yet there is so much more than meets the eye. Although the interest rate you secure for your mortgage is important – I
Would you be surprised to learn that a private mortgage can be a great benefit to a mortgage borrower? I am not even just talking about the monthly improvement in cashflow from consolidating higher interest debts. There are powerful reasons to consider the role of a private mortgage as a tool in your borrowing options.
So you need money and don’t get paid until the end of the week. You’ve tried the bank and they have turned you down based on your credit. The only solution that you can see is another payday loan. Well not true if you own your home. Then there are options. But what is the
When a Canadian finds themselves in a situation where their debts have become overwhelming there are very few real options to improve their lot. You will find claims everywhere of ways to cut your debts and be able to pay back pennies on the dollar of what you owe. Don’t believe it! There is only
The world of lending truly has changed. Gone are the days of qualifying for a mortgage by the proverbial ‘fogging of a mirror’. As a real estate investor it has become imperative that you either understand the lending landscape yourself or engage a professional mortgage agent to sit on your team and advise of how
We could all use a little more good news now and again. This is especially the case when it comes to Canadians and their RSPs. The last ten years have been a roller coaster ride and the global uncertainty on the horizon is not helping. So now to get on to the good news –
Your credit score is one of the most misunderstood financial tools we have access to as Canadians. What is worse is the misinformation being passed around by pseudo experts. Many of us have gotten into credit trouble at one point or another along the road of life. Here is how to get out of it
We all want to pay off our mortgage early. Like today if possible. Well I will tell you from extensive experience that the bank’s mortgage payment calculator is not going to get you there earlier like they are advertising. Why you may ask? Because they have a good reason to keep you inside the mortgage
I want to give you a behind the scenes peek into what happens when we help you get free from the debt that keeps you up at night. No slick sales gimmicks – just a first hand view of how folks just like you got relief. Here is the raw-uncut account of how ‘Greg and
Ah the life of a successful self employed business owner – lower taxes, setting your own hours, unlimited income potential. But then you apply for a mortgage and BAM! Declined at your bank. Ouch. All the things that work to your favour are against you when you try to qualify for a debt like your
Your financial planner will give you the same advice this year as last – invest in a well diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The market will change…but the advice is always the same. Why are you only allowed to invest in sanitized, watered down, and costly (up front, ongoing, and trailer fees)
Three years in a row has consumer debt reduction been the #1 resolution for Canadians. This according to a poll conducted for CIBC. The fact that there is no positive change here begs the question: What are we doing wrong? If we can’t clarify the reasons – we won’t be able to make the changes
With the economic downturn of 2008, a lot of Canadians have put off purchasing that new car, seeing it as a big ticket item. The times they are a changing. In fact auto loans are the fastest growing debt category out there. You may just be one of those eyeing that shiny new machine with
They say that in the information age that knowledge is power. But even in the information age having access to unlimited information including mortgage calculators can make things more confusing than less. The way the bank’s mortgage calculator is set up can mislead and even provide bad mortgage advice if left in the hands of

Benefits of Barrie Private Mortgage Loans

Would you be surprised to learn that a private mortgage can be a great benefit to a mortgage borrower? I am not even just talking about the monthly improvement in cashflow from consolidating higher interest debts. There are powerful reasons to consider the role of a private mortgage as a tool in your borrowing options.