Private Loan Consolidation Markham – Saving Thousands Monthly

Li Wei (John) and Wang Fang (Grace) held their heads high as they entered our meeting to discuss their situation. See they were living the Canadian dream (or the one they saw other Chinese immigrants enjoying). New imported cars, an expansive palatial spread in Markham’s Rouge River Estates neighborhood and private school for their young one was the every day. Then reality hit…

New Money Problems in Markham

Even though we have been enjoying an extended time of seemingly endless prosperity – personal circumstances which affect an individual’s finances can hit at anytime unawares. In the case of John and Grace, this was the eye of their storm. As the couple related the events leading up to finally reaching out for help, (which culturally is monumental) I began to see the poor decisions and the circumstantial forces that led them to this pivotal juncture. They had done well in a family run business back in mainland China which provided a door to life here in the GTA. More money than they ever dreamed was possible began running through their hands and with it the opportunity to choose a life here that their ancestors could only have imagined. The problem was that they had no prior financial education and with their new found money came “advisors” sniffing out a fresh victim to lead astray.

Million Dollar Negative Net Worth

John and Grace had been pressured to live an unsustainable lifestyle – even for one’s with a seemingly never ending supply of cash from the boom of their homeland’s business success. Then the shock of a lifetime came when in the span of three months their factory had an extended supply chain disruption, a major accident, and a new competitor take a major bite out of their market share. This couple’s steely visage began to crumble as they related the precipitous fall from grace their almost instant change in financial input had. What was worse was that their lifestyle didn’t change one iota. In fact, the pressure they felt was often relieved by bouts of spending that temporarily assisted in assuaging the mounting stress of their daily lives.

Saving Thousands Monthly Markedly

The beautiful thing about mathematics is that there is no difference in applying a solution to a large numbered equation or a small numbered equation. The decimal point doesn’t change the numbers. For John and Grace, the answer was the same as for a fixed income pensioner living alone in a tiny bungalow in Sudbury. First, we needed to address their outflow. They were quick to repentance for their financial sins and knew that this was a chance to turn the ship around before they struck a fatal iceberg. Secondly, in spite of the massive amounts of free flowing cash that was available over the early years of the business, they were quick to take on inefficient loans here in Canada in order to establish their credit and get integrated into the system. Now was the time to streamline these debts for the short term and give them the relief towards regrouping they so desperately needed. Our efforts brought about a two year period of monthly cashflow relief in the thousands and more importantly lifted an Atlus sized weight off of their shoulders.

Now John and Grace were ready to set out and embrace the challenges that were ahead of them back home and live their life here with greater purpose and clarity knowing what is important is preserved and what they are working toward isn’t insurmountable. Your questions regarding your situation are welcomed below or contact me for a complimentary, confidential phone appointment to discuss your situation.