Can You Get a Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit?

If I’m not mistaken, you’re the kind of person who has taken the easier road once or twice. You’ve gotten away with bending the truth often enough that it has become a lifestyle. Yes/No? Then reality catches up and often your credit takes a beating. Is there hope?

Home Equity Loan Advisors

We all want to become like someone we admire. Whether it’s a hero soldier, a philanthropist sports athlete, or a successful business icon. The problem is we have been tempted to buy into a lie about who we are. 

There is a sly fox in all of our lives who lives for today and the pleasures that can be found and the world be damned if it gets in the way. This crafty ‘friend’ comes alongside you and advises you to take the easy way out. 

That there is an easy buck to be made here and a quick con to dodge a responsibility there. He usually sticks around until the party looks like it is ending and then…Poof! Where did he go?

Now you want to get out of this mess and become the hero to your loved ones and so you go to apply for a Home Equity Loan and the bank takes one look at you and shows you the door. How is your ‘friend’s’ advice serving now?

Does Bad Credit = No Loan?

So now you stand rejected and wish you could grab that fox by the scruff of the neck and show him what the easy way costs.

Then realization dawns on you that it has also been your own poor choices all along that have led you to where you are today. You have not only been lied to…but you have been tempted to lie to yourself.

I have a new friend I would like to introduce you to. She resembles a little angel and sits nicely on your shoulder. It is your voice of conscience. And the best financial advice will echo this voice. I strive as your Mortgage Agent to be this angel’s echo. 

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The Truth About Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

Now to the question at hand…have your poor past choices disqualified you from a Home Equity Loan? The answer is no.

As long as you have equity in your home then I have a lender for you. However we do need to look at all the missteps of your past and bravely bring them into the light. This takes guts and I am here to help. 

It is always interesting to me when a client feels like their ‘big dark financial secret’ ends up being not so scary once we have talked it over in light of my past client’s experience. 

I feel like often my clients are rewarded for their bravery with the answer to their money problem. The truth is there is a Home Equity Loan for you but the secrets of your situation can keep you from it.

So let’s weigh what is hanging in the balance as we decide who’s advice to take for our life and who we want to be.

Using a company that looks at the value of your long term relation versus meeting their quarterly sales goals will help. Many flash in the pan bank representatives and home equity loan providers are here today and gone tomorrow.

Make a resolution right now and promise me you will listen to your voice of conscience and then contact me today!