Private Mortgage Loans

Private mortgage investing is something you can do. I have a number of borrowers who, in time, have become some of my lenders so it is possible for you to join this brave new world. The Mind Of A Private Mortgage Lender  When switching your mindset from being a borrower to a lender you will
The truth is private lenders are everywhere. From your local pawn shop, to brokers, to lawyers, to new financial technology companies on Bay Street…you can find and borrow private money.  Where’s My Private Lender With so many options comes an optical illusion of massive proportions. The “Private Lender Blur” of searching through a sea of
So you have been offered a private mortgage loan but there are conditions. Now you need to provide documentation to support your ability to qualify for your loan and hopefully keep your sanity in the process. Mortgage Documents Rage There is an internal green demon in all of us. He lies in wait as we
There is no worse feeling than being made to feel stupid by a know it all ‘financial guru’. Calculating a private mortgage should make you feel confident and here is how you can do it too. Beware The Financial Know It All Class is in session and there is always that one kid who seems
When it comes to counting the cost to completing a private mortgage loan there is no definitive answer. These loans are less regulated than the rest of the mortgage industry and that leaves room for providers and intermediaries to take advantage where they may.  Ye Old Boy’s Club Private Lender In finding out how much
Private mortgage rates vary wildly depending on the lender and even on the availability of their money at the time you need it. Here is what you need to know in order to secure the best rate for your situation. Loan Shark Beware In your pursuit of your best private loan there is a character
Private mortgage lenders use a risk based model to determine if you qualify for the loan or not. This is actually a lot simpler than the bank’s system. Here is how it works. Qualifying At The Bank When you apply for a mortgage at your bank you first need to know who you are dealing
Just as there are times when we need to stop letting a negative relationship control your actions; there are times to use a private mortgage to get control back of your finances.  Best Reasons To Consider A Private Mortgage There are a surprising amount of reasons why a private mortgage is a good option. Here

What is a Private Mortgage?

A simple private mortgage definition is a mortgage or loan that is borrowed from a party other than a bank or institutional lender. Typically this is a private individual or private mortgage companies that offer their own money for the loan.  Wait a minute…you are losing me here. What? I get it…you don’t deal with