Mortgage Industry News

There’s a new kid in town and he’s kicking butts and takin’ names. The Interest Only Flex Mortgage! This one has investor’s and rental property holder’s names written all over it! Here are the details: Why Would Anyone Want Interest Only? Institutional interest only mortgages are a great fit for those with a larger scope
As of January 1st, 2018 – new mortgage rules are making it more difficult to get a low rate mortgage. This forces the industry to look for new ways to assist our clients towards finding the best rates. Pre-existing mortgage insurance is one of the effective tools to achieve this. What Is Mortgage Insurance? What
Oh the shock and disgust as my clients realized to their horror the size of their penalty! You see they were breaking their mortgage mid-term. What their bank didn’t emphasized nearly enough on signing three years ago were the consequences of their obligation if life happened. Herein lies the ugly reality of the Early Mortgage
It may come as a surprise if you are in the middle of a five year fixed mortgage term. The surprise is that the mortgage industry in Canada has changed. Fundamentally, from the top down and this affects so very many of us in ways we won’t see until we go to make a change
There is a lot of buzz today around your RRSP and what can and can’t be done as far as investing. You have heard that there are alternatives however the misinformation has you confused. Here is an effort to clarify and a couple of tips to avoid the bank’s fees along the way. Can I
So you have bruised credit and do not have a lot of time to address the issues. Here are five – count em’ – five quick changes you can make today to improve your credit immediately. Stop Fighting Your Phone Company This is the most common reason why many Ontario residents have damaged credit. Rogers
So you are one of the bright few Canadians who are looking to take control of your retirement and not leave it in the hands of a fund manager or your bank. The alternatives look appealing however you need to have a lot of questions answered before making a foray into anything new. You are
The resale housing market has a lot of choice to offer. Yet a growing segment of the Canadian population is turning to fulfilling a long held dream of building their own personal piece of paradise. “John and Sally” were just those people and here is how they navigated the process of self build construction. Location
Most of us want to participate in the wealth creating power of real estate. However, the problem starts at this point. How, where, and what type of real estate should I invest in are some of the questions that quickly bubble to the surface. Should I be a landlord or should I hire someone? The
Is there a worse feeling in the world than being helpless? That inability to help yourself into a better position in life – for example due to government restriction, a disability, or societal prejudice? We have all felt this to one extent or another. When it comes to your finances – a surprising amount of
So you are one of the faithful few – the contribution to your RSP comes off the top of the pay cheque before you take home. You have been doing this for years and believe it is a big key to the successful achievement of your retirement goals. How is that coming along? The surprising
There are many strong reasons to be investing in real estate today. Property values in many regional markets are still growing – Canada has a healthy immigrant population that needs and will need a place to live – and of course my favorite – mortgage interest rates are still sitting at historical lows. But for
We could all use a little more good news now and again. This is especially the case when it comes to Canadians and their RSPs. The last ten years have been a roller coaster ride and the global uncertainty on the horizon is not helping. So now to get on to the good news –
We all want to pay off our mortgage early. Like today if possible. Well I will tell you from extensive experience that the bank’s mortgage payment calculator is not going to get you there earlier like they are advertising. Why you may ask? Because they have a good reason to keep you inside the mortgage
Media bugging you about the RSP deadline? Ignore them – Seriously. The only Canadians who really benefit from this government created tax deferral program are the highest taxed employees. For the rest of us – it is time to consider what to do about our existing RSP investments, why they keep dropping in value, and
Your financial planner will give you the same advice this year as last – invest in a well diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The market will change…but the advice is always the same. Why are you only allowed to invest in sanitized, watered down, and costly (up front, ongoing, and trailer fees)
Three years in a row has consumer debt reduction been the #1 resolution for Canadians. This according to a poll conducted for CIBC. The fact that there is no positive change here begs the question: What are we doing wrong? If we can’t clarify the reasons – we won’t be able to make the changes