Can I Refinance My Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Take a deep breath and steady yourself. It’s time to set the record straight so you can refinance your mortgage and get your life back on track. You’ve fought many battles to get here and today is your day to speak the truth about your situation. It’s your time to shine.

A Mortgage Story Too Common

Let’s go back a few years and see how we got here. You met Ms. Right and promptly fell in love and in short order your lives were intertwined. The natural course of events led you to putting your lives together and that included your homes. Two incomes were better than one and so you qualified for an awesome mortgage and life was pretty sweet.

Now you’re sold out to your lady love and she has been working long hours and burning the midnight oil to make all your shared dreams come true. However, the reality is she’s got a dual life that comes crashing into yours one evening when an unexpected text shows up while you are checking her phone for the time of day. BOOM! 

Things go from bad to worse when you learn that she has been planning to leave you for Mr. Fabio for some time. The final blow was that your joint line of credit has been stolen from so she and Fabio could enjoy an all expenses paid trip and it has ruined your once good credit.  Now you are lying in the dust with dried blood stains from taking it to the heart and to the wallet. Is this how the end feels?

How Does Bad Credit Affect My Mortgage

In the initial effort to dust yourself off, you begin to look to what can be done. You discover that your credit has been trashed. It enflames you to think that you had very little to do with the damage that has been done.

The truth is that regardless of how you came to have bad credit – unless it was caused by an error or fraud – it’s your responsibility to clean it up. I know…this sucks big time. 

What drives you on is a burning desire to set the record straight. You pull a copy of your credit bureau and we address these common areas:

  1. Late payments – This is the most common mistake people make in the effort towards getting a better mortgage. You need to keep making your minimum payments until you can get your ex off the joint accounts.
  2. High use of available credit – A less known area that hurts your credit is when you use 100% of the credit that is available to you. This can cause a lender to decline your mortgage refinance – even with a good credit score.
  3. Mortgage payments – Bank mortgages report to your credit bureau as well so even if your ex is not paying the mortgage, in the interim, you do – so you don’t have a record of late payments. If this happens then your chances of getting a good mortgage by refinancing all but disappears.

Mortgage Refinance Avenged

So we meet up six months later and you have fought many hard battles towards getting your name cleared and your financial house in order. We now employ the most important weapon in your arsenal on the way to getting vengeance. ‘Your Day In The Court Of Mortgage Approval’. 

You have addressed any late payments and made sure you are making the minimum payments on time. You have closed your joint debts and liquidated your RSPs to pay off your part. You’ve also bitten the bullet and kept the existing mortgage current even though your ex has done little to nothing to help.  

And now we wait for the lender’s thumbs up or thumbs down of your approval. As the arm is extended and the tension mounts you hear me reminding the lender of your efforts. As your Mortgage Broker, I am the voice of support that is calling for justice to be done and for your vindication. I will shout loud and often for your best mortgage approval.

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Your Best Mortgage Approved In Spite Of It All

The silence is broken as the lender raises their thumb and you get your mortgage approval. Your loved ones go wild as your name is vindicated and your prospect of a better future has been granted. 

You stood and spoke the truth and now you have received your just reward. The pride and honour your loved ones bestow upon you was worth it. Contact me today and let’s get the crowd roaring in your favour!