How Do I Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage With Bad Credit?

It’s hard enough to work hard every day without having to worry about getting approved for a mortgage. You’ve put in your time and feel like you have been passed over. For promotions, but also for a chance at home ownership. What gives?

Why Is Getting Pre-Approved So Easy For Some People?

A typical mortgage pre-approval goes something like this. Your Sister in law goes into her bank. She has always been the star of the team and seems to get scholarships like they were candy on Halloween. She walks out five minutes later with a piece of paper in her hand saying she can borrow up to half a million dollars at 2%. Huh?

What she, and the banker, haven’t told you is that she also has pristine credit and her income is steady due to a constant salaried position. Although there is a segment of the population who enjoy this type of life, you aren’t one of them.

What About The Rest Of Us?

Now enter our unsung hero. You’ve worked hard for what feels like eternity and likely made your boss a fortune but has he noticed?

Likewise when it comes to financial offers from your banker. Why does your Sister in law receive regular offers for 0% interest rate credit cards and low interest lines of credit from her bank? Why am I not receiving mortgage and loan offers? 

Well I can tell you why. Your banker, like your boss, enjoys the fruit of your labours. As long as you are paying your monthly account fees and the management fees on your investments they are happy to take your money. And in return you get the comfort of having your money sitting in their possession.

What Does It Take To Get Pre-Approved?

Now the one thing you know is that you haven’t maintained pristine credit. You’ve had a couple of hard knocks from life but that doesn’t bother you. Life happens. 

You make good money and have a strong track record of service. So how do we get you pre-approved? 

  • A letter is presented to potential lenders highlighting your best service. This is based on the information we gather as part of a mortgage application. 
  • Lenders assess your request for a mortgage and ask questions. Once satisfied, they either decline your request or provide a letter of intent towards your request.
  • From there we secure you a conditional pre-approval and your maximum mortgage amount and the terms are included within.

I will be your Master of Ceremonies presenting your pre-approval. Having a mortgage advocate is vitally important when you have bruised credit. My clients enjoy seeing their best story presented and hearing that their good service is valued by a lender. Choose to work with a Mortgage Broker that recognizes a good borrower when they see one…You!

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Pre-Approvals For The Rest Of Us

Now the conversation around the family dinner table has changed. Your Sister in law’s face is surprised at the amount you have been approved for. Now how good does that feel? You’ve arrived baby!

But this hasn’t transpired just yet. If action isn’t taken, those old feelings of being passed over come back with a vengeance. 

Ready to get pre-approved? And using it to your family’s advantage by becoming an empowered home buyer in your loved one’s eyes? I salute you! Fill out the form below and contact me today.