How Do You Get a Home Equity Loan Completed?

Put your mind to the test. To a surprising amount of Canadians, getting a home equity loan is a complex puzzle. So difficult indeed that often the result is frustration and quitting before achieving the goal. Here’s how to do it right.

The Home Equity Loan Puzzle

You remember last Christmas when you received that 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle from your relatives and you said to yourself (and maybe out loud) that this year you were going to finish it? And now two weeks later it is still taking up valuable counter space and only about 100 pieces ever made it together? Frustrating right? 

And the worst part is that you know that your spouse or your teenage son is going to tease you once more about not following through. You aren’t a quitter…what is the deal?

Well the same scenario works with embarking on securing a Home Equity Loan. There are many moving parts and a whole host of potential reasons why the puzzle pieces may not come together as easily as first expected. 

Home Equity Loan Obstacles

As we are working on putting together our home equity loan puzzle there are obstacles to overcome that can cause even the strong willed to want to give up. Obstacles like…

  1. Puzzle pieces all look the same – This is the same feeling when you are looking at choosing who will help you in facilitating your Home Equity Loan. Everyone and their neighbor offers loans and mortgages. 
  2. Puzzle pieces don’t fit – I have heard hundreds of times the same frustration from my clients when they ask me why the bank won’t accept a source of income or why they valued my property so low. The pieces should fit…right?
  3. This puzzle is taking too long – Often as I am working on helping you secure a Home Equity Loan there is ‘that’ moment. My client calls me and asks me what the heck is going on? It seems like nothing has happened for two days and I need this done yesterday. What is going on?

Your Home Equity Loan Master Key

The key to persevering and ultimately succeeding in securing your home equity loan is to use the following master keys to completion.

  1. Sorting the puzzle pieces – I encourage you to take the time to find the right Barrie Mortgage Agent before you begin taking major steps. Interview, investigate, and look at the testimonials of potential guides in order to find one that fits with your style. 

What makes choosing to work with me easy is that I will put your needs ahead of the lender and will work with you, for as long as it takes, to find a Home Equity Loan that works for you.

  1. Systematize the process – In completing hundreds of Home Equity Loans for Ontario residents, I will be the first to say that as much as your situation is unique, it is not new. 

I have the systems to identify, process, and find the most appropriate lender for your needs. It is just a matter of plugging you in to my system and helping you achieve the best outcome.

  1. Borrow my eyes, I’ve seen the finished picture – When I receive that phone call with a frustrated client who feels like nothing is happening and they are ready to throw in the towel I always feel like saying “Please borrow my eyes”. I have watched hundreds of normal Ontarians become master puzzle solvers all because they didn’t quit. 

And what an amazing feeling when you look at the finished product and you show your family or your loved ones what you accomplished! I love helping you secure your best Home Equity Loan no matter where you live geographically.

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Picture Perfect Home Equity Loan

So let’s go back to that dark, cold January evening where it feels like even the light in the room is getting sucked into that unfinished masterpiece in your Christmas present. What is there to lose by not finishing it? Some would say not much…it’s just a puzzle.

But you aren’t a quitter! You don’t want your loved ones to see the puzzle back on the shelf to gather dust?

So let’s fast forward and see their faces the next morning. Your son is saying how proud he is that you completed such a complex puzzle and your spouse is surprised (jaw dropped) that you followed through! I can see the new confidence and the spring in your step as you walk just a little bit taller.

Now let’s do the same for your best Home Equity Loan. You’ve got an important decision to make. Please don’t quit and don’t delay – contact me below today.