How Hard is it To Get Approved For a Home Equity Loan?

Let’s talk about why you need to get it right this time. You have been here before. But getting a Home Equity Loan was simple last time (and the time before that). Now your bank is showing you the cold shoulder. What’s changed?

Home Equity ATM

We all know that the last ten years have provided most homeowners with access to so much additional money. That money has come from the value of their home going up. This has led to using our homes as a bank machine and there hasn’t seemed to be an end to the party. Or is there?

You find yourself in a familiar setting. Credit cards maxed. Lines of credit maxed and there is a party at the Joneses on Friday night that would be social suicide to miss. But that outfit is $500! Living like this has gotten you in trouble financially however no one has known yet as your home has always bailed you out.

Why is it Hard To Get My Home Equity?

Torn between the rush of keeping up with those living high and the reality of your finances…you feel like you are sitting in a prison of your own making. Now you have three days to turn this debt into gold and either party on or figure out a better way of living.

The Joneses call and start bragging about the new furniture set that should be delivered just in time…it was a little pricey (25K) but hey they can afford it, right? Then the topic turns to their next jaunt to Bali for a yoga retreat on the coast. You don’t know if you are more jealous or want to gag!

You hang up exasperated and even more desperate to figure out how to get the house you have leveraged in the past to spit out gold one more time. Your bank said that it won’t finance your lifestyle anymore. Too much debt, too many late payments, and one too many consolidations. What is the solution?

Then you remember your Mortgage Agent. The one who told you to get the Home Equity Loan but use it for home improvements, purchasing investment real estate, or to pay down (and not rack up again) debt. 

Choosing to work with a company that will assist you towards your financial goals and believes in you (and your best future) can make or break your new way of living. I’m here to coach and cheer you on!

Find out more about all of the things you need to know about your Home Equity Loan Made Simple

Home Equity Gold 

We reconnect and you are reminded of your good intentions of the past. Then you start to clear the cobwebs of too much party and too little fiscal restraint from your mind and have an AHA moment. You can turn this debt of a financial mess into gold. 

But this time…you are going to use it to get yourself out of the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ prison and start turning your life around.

Things happen quickly from here…Friday comes and goes and the Joneses send a quick text wondering what happened (missed that dress). We evaluate your property and once more the market has caused the value to increase enough to get another loan. But here is where the story changes. 

We get you approved for a Home Equity Loan. However, this time you take this gold and don’t blow it with those who think they are smarter than their last financial hangover. You use it to pay off bad debt and start a rainy day savings account. 

You are not going back to the that life. You are well on your way to becoming the confident and competent person who knows who they are and where they are going financially. I look forward to meeting you by contacting me today.