There’s a new kid in town and he’s kicking butts and takin’ names. The Interest Only Flex Mortgage! This one has investor’s and rental property holder’s names written all over it! Here are the details: Why Would Anyone Want Interest Only? Institutional interest only mortgages are a great fit for those with a larger scope
As of January 1st, 2018 – new mortgage rules are making it more difficult to get a low rate mortgage. This forces the industry to look for new ways to assist our clients towards finding the best rates. Pre-existing mortgage insurance is one of the effective tools to achieve this. What Is Mortgage Insurance? What
Oh the shock and disgust as my clients realized to their horror the size of their penalty! You see they were breaking their mortgage mid-term. What their bank didn’t emphasized nearly enough on signing three years ago were the consequences of their obligation if life happened. Herein lies the ugly reality of the Early Mortgage
So you have bruised credit and do not have a lot of time to address the issues. Here are five – count em’ – five quick changes you can make today to improve your credit immediately. Stop Fighting Your Phone Company This is the most common reason why many Ontario residents have damaged credit. Rogers
The resale housing market has a lot of choice to offer. Yet a growing segment of the Canadian population is turning to fulfilling a long held dream of building their own personal piece of paradise. “John and Sally” were just those people and here is how they navigated the process of self build construction. Location
We all want to pay off our mortgage early. Like today if possible. Well I will tell you from extensive experience that the bank’s mortgage payment calculator is not going to get you there earlier like they are advertising. Why you may ask? Because they have a good reason to keep you inside the mortgage